Lyana Gibert

Lyana Gibert is founder and chief Vancouver makeup artist and hairstylist at The Art of Beauty.

Lyana developed her love for art at a very young age. Right after high school she completed her 5 years Visual arts program and became professional artist. However her true passion was always to make people look and feel beautiful. That’s why she decided to take her first makeup program back in Russia. She has always believed that true beauty exists within everyone. Her passion is to help women enhance their natural beauty with her artistry.

In 2011 Lyana moved from Moscow to Canada and got her Canadian certification at Artists Within makeup academy as professional makeup artist and hairstylist. Lyana opened her company The Art of Beauty to expose luxury makeup services to Calgary market and to provide to her clients a unique combination of European style and Russian art adjusted for North American lifestyle.

Emilia is professional Calgary makeup artist at Bridal makeup artist

I have always loved art.. Being around art.. Being around colour..I started my career as a professional makeup artist over 7 years ago. The many creative people I have met and have had the honour of working with is beyond me.. I find nothing more inspiring or challenging than to be a part of a creative team where all our ideas collectively make the beautiful work .

The Art of Beauty makeup artist

Ally is professional makeup artist at The Art of Beauty


Ally Isert is a professional makeup Artist who is based in Calgary. She attended Artists Within in 2011 where she earned a diploma in Makeup Artistry. Ally has spent time working with a variety of makeup styles such as glamour, era’s, avant-garde, natural beauty and face painting, but her true passion is at weddings and fashion shows. Being creative is what she is likes about being makeup artist.