Lyana!!!! You were amazing!!!! Thank you so much for giving myself and bridesmaids flawless hair!!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Thank you again so so much!!!

I am a wedding photographer in Calgary and have worked with Lyana on numerous occasions. She is a sweet individual and a talented artist. The European influence is evident in her work and makes her unique among Calgary hair and make-up artists.

Lyana is my one of my top favorite makeup/ hair artists to work with in Calgary. Not only is she fun and professional, but she brings a certain love and creativity to my shoots that is hard to find in people. She is often coming up with original and inspiring hair and makeup ideas that I would never be able to think of myself. I love incorporating her ideas into my shoots. I feel they add greatly to the “wow factor” of my photos.

Lyana did my bridal hairstyle.
During my trial, Lyana took a couple photos I had picked in bridal magazines and had done a pretty great job of reproducing them.and I was quite happy.
On the actual day however, she really impressed. She felt inspired by my tear drop brooch bouquet and asked if she could try something a bit more elaborate because the original style was too plain for my dress and bouquet. What I got was something I wouldn’t have even known I could ask for as it was just so detailed and elaborate.I totally loved it.

Over all I would totally recommend giving Lyana consideration for a wedding, grad or other important hair style requiring occasion.